Concert & Graduation

At the end of each year, we will host a Year End Concert and Graduation Ceremony, which takes place in the Church Hall situated at our Verwoerdpark Branch. On the night of the Year End Concert and Graduation, the children are provided with dinner.

Tickets for the concert and graduation will be on sale at the office, closer to the time of the event.

Further to the above, refreshments will be on sale on the night of the Year End Concert and Graduation and we will have the entire production professionally recorded and available for purchase on USB.

Verwoerdpark Junior Concert 2023

Verwoerdpark Senior Concert 2023

Verwoerdpark Graduation Ceremony Dinner 2023

Verwoerdpark Junior Concert 2022

Verwoerdpark Senior Concert 2022

Verwoerdpark Junior Concert 2021

Verwoerdpark Senior Concert 2021

Verwoerdpark Junior Concert 2020

Verwoerdpark Senior Concert and Graduation 2020

Verwoerdpark Junior Concert 2019

Verwoerdpark Senior Concert & Graduation 2019

Verwoerdpark Junior Concert 2018

Verwoerdpark Senior Concert & Graduation 2018

Florentia Junior & Senior Concert 2018

Verwoerdpark Concert & Graduation 2017

Florentia Concert & Graduation 2017

Abacus Kids Academy Concert & Graduation 2016

Verwoerdpark Concert & Graduation 2016